How I achieved success in work-life balance


To start and give some small background about me, I am a minority student that comes from a middle class family. I attended a university upon graduating in 3 and a half years from high school with honors. I had completed a semester of college prior to graduation for high school. I went on to earn a triple major in Accounting, Finance and International Studies with a double minor in Mathematics and Economics while earning a scholarship that paved to way to earning my degree tuition-free. I also managed to adapt to my environment and worked several positions on or near campus such as a server and cook at several locations that Panda Express had, an Administrative Secretary role at one of the four hospitals in walking distance to the university, and as a lab supervisor overseeing several computer labs and facilities on-campus. From me adapting to the university’s campus, I was then able to network with not only peers I took classes with or organizations I became a member of or volunteered for, but with individuals from all departments on-campus through my employment. This enabled me further opportunity to land internships and I managed to intern at a non-profit 501(3)(c), a consulting firm, and lastly, a theatre chain provide unique product or service to the existing business. This gave me exposure to my field and eventually upon graduating, I was able to accept an offer at on of the largest accounting firms in the world. I wouldn’t be this successful during undergraduate years if I hadn’t managed my time efficiently filling out job applications to taking classes full-time and to going to the writing center to have my essays critiqued for my scholarship application(s). I made it work because I saw where I had time and where I didn’t and what the possibilities if I did so. This is all to say that I didn’t attend college or live in the largest city in the world to do this, work at the top position of a hospital or a hospital near me or nonprofits near me, I simply looked where others probably weren’t looking to see if an opportunity no matter how small could be made. I guess you could say I was evaluating opportunity cost of task over another. While some might say that these were temporary jobs, I would say that they provided me an equal opportunity job as an equal opportunity employer that helped get me to where I am today and I for that, I’m forever grateful.

Visibility (a poem about life)


By: Deep Saini

About the same time the visibility shows up, you’ll be thrown out. Can’t deny the air way, because we all about working it every day. From the time you make it through your day, you’ll already be too tired to look forward to the future and have to wait for the check to pave its way.

Ay say wait? Ay say wait? Feel free to talk about it. The glass is fogged up because you’ve took a glimpse of it. Another day in the works, another day givin’ up time for what worth. Grinding the clock, the paper boy reminiscing on the way to a road map or road block.

Seems to be reaching, but just can’t get the steering to go your route. Need someone to be preaching to figure out this rough patch of life and let words of acknowledgement come out of this mouth.

We only ever see the glass half empty when we start to talk about it when in reality the glass is more than half full, if we just take a step back and look around and shout it out.

If we look to the future, we can only get there if we take a step forward and acknowledge what one is representing, not just riding it out during rough terrain and heavy rain, while one takes a shower to drown out the pain. If we don’t know what that is we might not know who we are really helping. Food for thought as we approach the end of the year, remind ourselves of what we chased for when it was all said and done and where we end up in when it is all but just less than 200,000 gone in the wind.

Pandemic / Recession Life


Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I just thought I’d take several minutes to reflect on what has been going on in practically everyday life for majority of people. Small businesses have been hit hard as most small restaurant chains, etc. have either closed up shop or filed bankruptcy. Educational institutions (K thru 12 on top of college) have opted to remote learning and created problematic situations for those parents, legal guardians, loved ones who work during the day. Those that work everyday have also been put under pressure to follow safety protocols established by their companies and government (city, state, federal, etc.) and put in extra hours for those that have been affected by COVID-19. Specific industries, such as the airline industry, automotive industry, sports industry, oil industry, retail industry have been devastatingly impacted and this further impacts their supply chains (suppliers of materials, those that transports goods, etc.) across other various industries, etc. Travel has been limited for most companies and meetings have either cancelled or shifted virtually. Trends related to unemployment, cases of COVID-19, deaths related to COVID-19, etc have also been heartbreaking to hear.

Given all these issues and much more, I think it is important to understand and reflect upon what us, as individuals, can do in terms of our part to better the society we live in. I understand that everyone has been burdened by this pandemic and recession, but we have to remember that there are others who are in less fortunate situations that need a great deal of assistance to overcome such issues. Below is a list of ideas/initiatives I’d like to throw out there in terms of possibly incorporating in ones’ life if time permits to overcome such adversity/hardship(s).

  1. Try to setup a time to discuss daily interactions with one another, other groups, individuals so that everyone is aware of one another’s situations and can also gain feedback from how others are doing to overcome such obstacles. Meetings can be held over Google Hangout, Skype, etc. and it can also bring groups together in form stronger bonds for one another, and overall, unity.
  2. Worthy Bonds is a platform for individuals to invest and make a return while helping small businesses with their financial situation by the organization taking those funds to then offer a loan to a small business to get thru these hard times. Please keep in mind that this is an investment just like many other investments, and so it does involve some level of risk and you should consult with a financial advisor, etc. before making such decisions. I am in no way indicating you should do this type of investment, but I’d like to at least make you aware that it is out there as a way to help small businesses and/or for the long-term. Other ways also include paying for services or goods from a small business and/or working with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) services/platform to counteract the effects of the recession.
  3. Stay informed about what is going on with your town, city, district and/or state to be alert of any safety regulations as well as anything that could impact your daily lives as a result of our current economic climate. I understand that the news never really has anything positive to showcase compared to all the bad things that happen, but it is still important to be in the know. I recommend the NextDoor app as a way to communicate remotely with your neighbors and fellow community members.
  4. I know it is not my place to be telling individuals what to do and what not to, because I myself would not appreciate this. However, I think it is important to realize the impact a surgical mask can do from a safety standpoint given what is going on in today’s world. I realize that the CDC and World Health Organization, etc. might not always have the answers as they have walked back at times what they indicated, but we should be cognizant of the point that wearing a surgical mask still reduces the chance of catching COVID-19. If not for yourself, please think about your loved ones and those individuals or groups of individuals you cherish. In times like these, everyone needs some form of unity and not feel alone or segregated as human beings.
  5. Lastly, we should realize that non-profit organizations have a great deal of work to do to complete their respective missions given the economic downturn and the impact of COVID-19. Please do your part to continue to donate and assist where needed (maybe it’s to give some time to assist the organization or maybe it’s to spend a few moments to thank those that are part of an organization and show that you do support them even if you can’t make a donation or provide some level of service).

Remember to give back what you received along the way


Story Time! As someone going  to college or pursuing any form of education, there is always a cost to learn for some reason. When I was in my freshman year of undergraduate studies, I had to experience this first-hand myself. It was my ability to jump in the library or search online that led me to scholarship opportunities that I could apply for, whether it was at the university or college level, or within the department or school to which I would be focusing my studies on (School of Business, School of Economics, School of Liberal Arts, etc.). I found that the more I spent time looking into more opportunities, the more I could find them and apply. Don’t get me wrong in that I found a lot of opportunities that were a waste of time because I was simply ineligible to meet requirements and criteria, such as race, gender, field of study, etc. The point I’m trying to make is that I wouldn’t have gotten through my college program and earned my college degree if it wasn’t for my effort to apply for scholarships, go to a writing center on campus and have my scholarship essays critiqued as well as look to see how to draft a request for a recommendation letter to send to my peers, professors and employers. It was these initiatives that led me to earning a scholarship and in that regard as I sat next to someone I didn’t know one day at a computer lab/testing center in one of the university buildings, it was there that I also realized that one can pass on this knowledge to others simply by building a relationship and realizing the impact it could potentially make on others. Simply put, my success in earning a scholarship ultimately led to others being successful in earning a scholarship. I just wanted to share this as I feel in today’s society where tuition costs are on a constant rise and many students struggle to graduate and even those that do are in constant debt, there is still a small light at the end of the tunnel.

To further add, I’ve listed several opportunities (Rhodes scholar, Fullbright scholar, Coca Cola scholarship, Excelsior scholarship, Fullbright scholarship, CNU scholar, Hispanic scholarship fund and Bright Futures scholarship) hoping this will lead others to apply and find there light at the end of the tunnel. Please take a look at eligibility requirements (state specific, school specific, GPA, etc.) prior to applying. I will continue to update the list as I find more opportunities.

Rhodes scholar – please click here for eligibility criteria, organization’s website, etc.
Fulbright scholar – please click here for eligibility criteria, organization’s website, etc.
Coca Cola scholarship – please click here for eligibility criteria, organization’s website, etc.
Excelsior scholarship – please click here for eligibility criteria, organization’s website, etc.
Fulbright Scholarship – please click here for eligibility criteria, organization’s website, etc.
CNU scholar – please click here for eligibility criteria, organization’s website, etc.
Hispanic scholarship fund – please click here for eligibility criteria, organization’s website, etc.
Bright Futures scholarship – please click here for eligibility criteria, organization’s website, etc.
WorkLivePlans is not affiliated with any of these organizations and there current assessments for scholarship opportunities.

Hopefully, through my previous posts about saving through a high interest checking account, Ally high yield savings account, American Express high yield savings account, Ally high yield savings account, Discover high yield savings, Synchrony high yield savings account, etc. and this list of scholarship opportunities, students can attempt to afford for their education. This is the link in regards to checking and savings accounts, etc.

What can I invest in to obtain the work life balance I want?


Tons of people always ask what can I do to invest now so that it can help me achieve my goals and objectives in the long-term. The answer is quite simple. Whether your 15 or 16 years old working towards lining up a first job, 17 or 18 and about to head to college or take some time off after high school or even 25 working a boring day job and not really getting anywhere in life, there is always something you can invest in. I guess the first question would be: what are your goals?

Here’s an example. Are your trying to get fit, stay healthy or work out to achieve a much bigger goal? Then it’s pretty obvious, right? Invest some money in a gym membership or simply workout sessions or maybe a personal trainer. You see what’s happening here right? You’re reading this article but you might not be interested in all the investments I offered if this was your goal? In reality, what’s happening behind the scenes is that we’re developing a creative process or simply put, a plan of attack. We could actually come up with a list of different investments you could invest in through just searching on a search engine, asking peers, etc. but the point I’m truly trying to get across is that you need to not only invest money but time and effort to produce the results that your looking for.

Of course everything I mentioned is probably making you feel less and less likely to pursue this goal in my example, we need to realize that whatever goal(s) or objective(s) you decide, you should realize that it’s not always one or two options on the table. We see this when we look at some of the wealthiest individuals in the world. You’ll notice that they invested in multiple areas to build the success that they have had. They also at some point got to that point or relatively close to it to achieving there goal(s). This is important to realize because it isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

There’s no way you can invest right now and expect to be a millionaire in 2 years and 5 months and 6 days at 4:23 and half a second. You really need to cultivate growth and realize this is going to be a long-term process.

To give you some perspective, think about the minimalist lifestyle to a wealthy lifestyle and how alternative lifestyles can shape who you are and keep things relative to the point you’ve succeeded where you wanted to be. From blue collar jobs and putting in hard work or at least a solid work ethic to eventually owning land down under you, it all takes time.

High interest checking account a thing?


These days the consumer-to-banking relationship is really a given one way relationship. With the old-school tradition of doing business with a brick and mortar shop, most consumers are led to give into giving up their buying power to traditional style big banks in order to be less concerned with knowing there funds are safe and available.

In truth, these banks gain more than the consumers who are depositing there funds into these bank accounts due to average annual checking account yield around .01%. To put into context, let’s say you have $50,000 dollars and you would like to keep this money available at anytime but not have to carry it around with you. So you decide to setup a checking account at one of the big banks (Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi, etc.). If you were to keep $50,000 in the checking account for one year and not spend it at all (which would probably not be realistic but let’s keep it in a worst case scenario), the interest generated would be around $5. Is it really worth it?

Of course, the interesting thing is that these banks are typically FDIC insured up to $250,000 per consumer. This is what makes your funds safe in case a bank were to struggle financially for whatever reason. Do you know what other banks are FDIC insured? Online banks. Wait. I know what you’re probably thinking. That’s great and all that they can provide safety if a online bank were to go bankrupt. However, the funds aren’t easily accessible. That is true somewhat but nowadays banks are able to refund on ATM fees monthly, and/or offer other ATM locations to easily access your funds. Of course, the dilemma would be learning to do a new process to get your funds in terms of finding the ATM that wouldn’t cost you as much if at all and seeing if you might have to go a little farther to obtain your funds.

I guess, in truth, there are pros and cons to both online and traditional big banks. Below are a few banks that have sort of came out above both types and excel.


Aspiration is an interesting financial institution. It’s checking account currently yields around 1%. So on the same $50,000 in the previous example, the interest earned after a year would be around $500. In addition, they offer refunds on ATM fees and similar to what was mentioned above offer ATM-free locations.


NBKC is a bank based in Kansas City, MO. It offers a 1.01% annual percentage yield with no monthly account fees, no minimum balance, no fees at Moneypass ATMs and up to a $12 refund on any other ATM fees.

American Express High Yield Savings? Ally High Yield Savings? Discover High Yield Savings?

To be honest, I probably wouldn’t go with any of them. Well, except maybe Ally which is hovering right about 2% APY. Synchrony Bank high yield savings is right about there too. Maybe Wells Fargo high yields savings? Yea right, with that fake account scandal, I’d pass.



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