How I achieved success in work-life balance


To start and give some small background about me, I am a minority student that comes from a middle class family. I attended a university upon graduating in 3 and a half years from high school with honors. I had completed a semester of college prior to graduation for high school. I went on to earn a triple major in Accounting, Finance and International Studies with a double minor in Mathematics and Economics while earning a scholarship that paved to way to earning my degree tuition-free. I also managed to adapt to my environment and worked several positions on or near campus such as a server and cook at several locations that Panda Express had, an Administrative Secretary role at one of the four hospitals in walking distance to the university, and as a lab supervisor overseeing several computer labs and facilities on-campus. From me adapting to the university’s campus, I was then able to network with not only peers I took classes with or organizations I became a member of or volunteered for, but with individuals from all departments on-campus through my employment. This enabled me further opportunity to land internships and I managed to intern at a non-profit 501(3)(c), a consulting firm, and lastly, a theatre chain provide unique product or service to the existing business. This gave me exposure to my field and eventually upon graduating, I was able to accept an offer at on of the largest accounting firms in the world. I wouldn’t be this successful during undergraduate years if I hadn’t managed my time efficiently filling out job applications to taking classes full-time and to going to the writing center to have my essays critiqued for my scholarship application(s). I made it work because I saw where I had time and where I didn’t and what the possibilities if I did so. This is all to say that I didn’t attend college or live in the largest city in the world to do this, work at the top position of a hospital or a hospital near me or nonprofits near me, I simply looked where others probably weren’t looking to see if an opportunity no matter how small could be made. I guess you could say I was evaluating opportunity cost of task over another. While some might say that these were temporary jobs, I would say that they provided me an equal opportunity job as an equal opportunity employer that helped get me to where I am today and I for that, I’m forever grateful.

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