Pandemic / Recession Life


Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I just thought I’d take several minutes to reflect on what has been going on in practically everyday life for majority of people. Small businesses have been hit hard as most small restaurant chains, etc. have either closed up shop or filed bankruptcy. Educational institutions (K thru 12 on top of college) have opted to remote learning and created problematic situations for those parents, legal guardians, loved ones who work during the day. Those that work everyday have also been put under pressure to follow safety protocols established by their companies and government (city, state, federal, etc.) and put in extra hours for those that have been affected by COVID-19. Specific industries, such as the airline industry, automotive industry, sports industry, oil industry, retail industry have been devastatingly impacted and this further impacts their supply chains (suppliers of materials, those that transports goods, etc.) across other various industries, etc. Travel has been limited for most companies and meetings have either cancelled or shifted virtually. Trends related to unemployment, cases of COVID-19, deaths related to COVID-19, etc have also been heartbreaking to hear.

Given all these issues and much more, I think it is important to understand and reflect upon what us, as individuals, can do in terms of our part to better the society we live in. I understand that everyone has been burdened by this pandemic and recession, but we have to remember that there are others who are in less fortunate situations that need a great deal of assistance to overcome such issues. Below is a list of ideas/initiatives I’d like to throw out there in terms of possibly incorporating in ones’ life if time permits to overcome such adversity/hardship(s).

  1. Try to setup a time to discuss daily interactions with one another, other groups, individuals so that everyone is aware of one another’s situations and can also gain feedback from how others are doing to overcome such obstacles. Meetings can be held over Google Hangout, Skype, etc. and it can also bring groups together in form stronger bonds for one another, and overall, unity.
  2. Worthy Bonds is a platform for individuals to invest and make a return while helping small businesses with their financial situation by the organization taking those funds to then offer a loan to a small business to get thru these hard times. Please keep in mind that this is an investment just like many other investments, and so it does involve some level of risk and you should consult with a financial advisor, etc. before making such decisions. I am in no way indicating you should do this type of investment, but I’d like to at least make you aware that it is out there as a way to help small businesses and/or for the long-term. Other ways also include paying for services or goods from a small business and/or working with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) services/platform to counteract the effects of the recession.
  3. Stay informed about what is going on with your town, city, district and/or state to be alert of any safety regulations as well as anything that could impact your daily lives as a result of our current economic climate. I understand that the news never really has anything positive to showcase compared to all the bad things that happen, but it is still important to be in the know. I recommend the NextDoor app as a way to communicate remotely with your neighbors and fellow community members.
  4. I know it is not my place to be telling individuals what to do and what not to, because I myself would not appreciate this. However, I think it is important to realize the impact a surgical mask can do from a safety standpoint given what is going on in today’s world. I realize that the CDC and World Health Organization, etc. might not always have the answers as they have walked back at times what they indicated, but we should be cognizant of the point that wearing a surgical mask still reduces the chance of catching COVID-19. If not for yourself, please think about your loved ones and those individuals or groups of individuals you cherish. In times like these, everyone needs some form of unity and not feel alone or segregated as human beings.
  5. Lastly, we should realize that non-profit organizations have a great deal of work to do to complete their respective missions given the economic downturn and the impact of COVID-19. Please do your part to continue to donate and assist where needed (maybe it’s to give some time to assist the organization or maybe it’s to spend a few moments to thank those that are part of an organization and show that you do support them even if you can’t make a donation or provide some level of service).

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