Visibility (a poem about life)


By: Deep Saini

About the same time the visibility shows up, you’ll be thrown out. Can’t deny the air way, because we all about working it every day. From the time you make it through your day, you’ll already be too tired to look forward to the future and have to wait for the check to pave its way.

Ay say wait? Ay say wait? Feel free to talk about it. The glass is fogged up because you’ve took a glimpse of it. Another day in the works, another day givin’ up time for what worth. Grinding the clock, the paper boy reminiscing on the way to a road map or road block.

Seems to be reaching, but just can’t get the steering to go your route. Need someone to be preaching to figure out this rough patch of life and let words of acknowledgement come out of this mouth.

We only ever see the glass half empty when we start to talk about it when in reality the glass is more than half full, if we just take a step back and look around and shout it out.

If we look to the future, we can only get there if we take a step forward and acknowledge what one is representing, not just riding it out during rough terrain and heavy rain, while one takes a shower to drown out the pain. If we don’t know what that is we might not know who we are really helping. Food for thought as we approach the end of the year, remind ourselves of what we chased for when it was all said and done and where we end up in when it is all but just less than 200,000 gone in the wind.

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