Visibility (a poem about life)

Advertisements About the same time the visibility shows up, you’ll be thrown out. Can’t deny the air way, because we all about working it every day. From the time you make it through your day, you’ll already be too tired to look forward to the future and have to wait for the check to paveContinue reading “Visibility (a poem about life)”

Pandemic / Recession Life

Advertisements Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I just thought I’d take several minutes to reflect on what has been going on in practically everyday life for majority of people. Small businesses have been hit hard as most small restaurant chains, etc. have either closed up shop or filed bankruptcy.Continue reading “Pandemic / Recession Life”

Remember to give back what you received along the way

Advertisements Story Time! As someone going  to college or pursuing any form of education, there is always a cost to learn for some reason. When I was in my freshman year of undergraduate studies, I had to experience this first-hand myself. It was my ability to jump in the library or search online that ledContinue reading “Remember to give back what you received along the way”

How I achieved success in work-life balance

Advertisements To start and give some small background about me, I am a minority student that comes from a middle class family. I attended a university upon graduating in 3 and a half years from high school with honors. I had completed a semester of college prior to graduation for high school. I went onContinue reading “How I achieved success in work-life balance”