Health & Cost Savings


Cost Savings

I think gas is on-going expense that a-lot of us have to deal with – motorcyclists, bus drivers, truck drivers, every day car drivers, etc. Most of us use the rewards programs offered at Shell, Speedway, etc. Did you know you can also scan you receipt on the Trunow app and get cash back on top of that as well? When you sign-up, the share code is 5PQ1VF for additional benefits. I believe you just need to earn a minimum of $5 to withdraw 50% of it through PayPal.

Similar to Trunow, there is an app called Ibotta. It lets you get cash back on your groceries at various locations and is fairly easy to earn the minimum, $20, for withdrawal. The app scans your receipts and you select what cash back offers your groceries applied to. Once you meet the minimum, you can withdraw your cash through PayPal.

TopCashBack is another way to save for those of us that prefer to do online shopping. The website offers cash savings from top retailers and is fairly simple to utilize. You can also setup your PayPal for withdrawal of your cash back rewards. For any big purchases, I would definitely look into using this site.


Investing in your health can be one of the best investments for you in the long run. This doesn’t mean you necessarily need to participate in a 5K run or try to squat 500 lbs. This just means that you need to invest some time to improve your overall health whether it is taking a few additional steps at work through opting out of taking the elevator and using the stairs, visiting a friend and offering to go on a walk with him or her after work or simply helping others with gardening, mowing the grass or any other activity. Just don’t Reddit gardening.

The idea isn’t to stress you out or make you perform a physical activity that you don’t necessarily enjoy. It’s more to perform activities that you might enjoy simply for the benefit of helping others, enjoying time with others or perform simple tasks that aren’t going to make you sweat at work. This way your lifestyle starts to begin to change and you’re creating what I call “good habits” and preventing what I call “bad habits” from taking up your time.

An example of a bad habit would be simply sitting around all day and procrastinating about doing something. If you feel this is happening to you every so often, I would push yourself to get up and grab some cold water for every instance this occurs. By rehydrating yourself, you’re telling your body that you care. From my experience, the best way to hydrate quickly is by drinking cold water, you’re actually pushing your body to exert energy without realizing it. How so? The human body stays at roughly 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. However if you’re drinking water, which also by the way happens to have little to no carbs for those of us that are trying to lose weight, the cold water will make your body have to exert energy to maintain that roughly 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

As you can see, this doesn’t seem like difficult tasks I am stating to invest in. The overall goal is to stay healthy in the long run.